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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  September 23, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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>> it is here, it is time, time to solute the military. >> she says where is everybody? they are all here now. >> hi, how are you doing. >> good, man. >> good to see you you. >> you're big time. can i say how big time this guy is? under secretary of the army is the only one person above you. >> a that is correct. >> it is great to be back on the army team. i'm an iraq war veteran. i'm from northeast philadelphia i was out this morning with 150 cadets from temple university, and you know fran dunphy the head coach is an army veteran. we have great veterans, found are of comcast is a veteran. great to be here. i'm here, and great to work for them at the pentagon. >> certainly so glad to have you here, very big day, and even bigger thaw are here. if that wasn't impressive enough, as under secretary he knows how to lanning. that is very good. >> and planes are operational
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and jump out of them. >> i have jumped about a dozen times. i haded to jump for air force to qualify. i joke with my wife and other folks all my jumps were at night because my eyes were closed. >> press the eye good. >> we will put him to the test, once again, we will be flying with the golden knights, great parachute team with the army. >> that is right. >> you will jump out of a plane and you are very good. you are being modest because i hear you are a very, very good jumper. so we will give you a challenge. >> okay. >> are you ready. >> there are a lot of people in the delaware val hoy would like to stump on my face. >> okay. >> we are going to give you a prize, and it is one of our best "good day philadelphia" mugs, it is ceramic and beautiful. >> yes. >> sky line of philly. >> you know precision parachute team their focus is to jump out of the plane at
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13,000 feet and find a target and london it. they land in the middle of the linc, they land over the constitution center. if you london my face, go ahead, guys, if you london my face from 13,000 feet you will get a "good day philadelphia" mug. >> speaking of mugs look at the that. >> do you accept the challenge. >> i accept the challenge. a lot of philadelphia police officers here, make sure if i kick you in the nose you you will not, assault. >> that is my mug shot. >> it is a good mug shot. >> you will leave here at 7:30 and combo where golden knights plane is and give this a shot. >> jen fred going to join us. >> she will be with us. >> i'll make sure she will not chicken out. >> will you take her with you. >> someone i want to take with you and push out of the plane is jen fred but she will go with you. sue serio that is a look at
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the weather. the skies are absolutely clear and blue for a challenge. >> you know what it couldn't be better weather for everything we are doing today and better enjoy it if you like it hot. this is last warm day we will see for a while. everybody behind me we're on tv now, say hi. >> hi. >> ready for the forecast. we will give you a nine out of ten today. weather by the numbers. it is less than perfect. it will be really hot by this afternoon, when we get into the upper 80's. is there your number of the day. well, lets get to budd stop buddy he has his flag for military day, sunglasses, we're off to a very pleasant start with temperatures in the the 50's and 60's. right now it is 64 degrees. we just had our sunrise at ten of 7:00. we will get to a high of close to where we were yesterday in the upper 80's what did you think? it wasn't too humid but last warm day for a while with the high temperature of
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88 degrees. so that takes care of your forecast for today that got a seal of approval. lets see if bob kelly's traffic report gets the same? i don't think so. >> it has been a crazy morning, sue 7:04 waking up on a friday. i'm hoping everybody can take a deep breath and calm down. we have had nasty accidents all morning long. latest one here is woodhaven road eastbound closed between thorndale, thornton and a contacted my road, all eastbound traffic coming off boulevard you have to use comly road or stick with the boulevard, down towards grant avenue. we had an earlier accident on 422, that is off to the side, we had closure last night of the blue route that has been opened backup, we are dealing with the crash here westbound lanes of the schuylkill expressway, and right at the roosevelt boulevard, it is not too much of the shoulder there but what type of shoulder we have police are on the scene and of course as we mentioned throughout the studio come on by lots of good stuff freeze for everybody, market feet
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closed between third and fourth and, and, street buses there. and, block party, until later and, 11:00 o'clock. mike and alex, back to you. we do have some, news that has come into us, in the last couple of minutes, concerning the protest out in north carolina but new situation in tulsa, oak a third straight night of protest in charlotte north carolina after police shoot and killed a man earlier this week. a curfew was put into place at midnight the by mayor and she said it was needed and that the guard needed there on the streets of charlotte right now. police say keith lemont scott had a gun, and was not obeying their command when he was shot tuesday. the his tamly says, no, he was holding a book. the there is growing pressure to release dash cam video of the incident. the people hoff seen it say
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you cannot tell if it is a gun or a book. attorneys for that family say it is not clear because scott was holding anything at all. officer charge with manslaughter has surrendered to authorities and released on $50,000 bail. officer betty shelby. she's facing first degree manslaughter charges and prosecutors are saying that she quote reacted unreasonablely during the traffic stop. this is her mug shot right here. video shows terence croucher walking away from officers with his arms in the air when he was shot. >> we have brought one of the best attorneys in the city, into talk about this. so, is there mug shot. she turned herself in. not advising. she turned herself this to her own police department. >> i expect that to be fairly quick. she was released on bail fairly quickly as well but they wanted to keep this moving forward. >> did this just happen a week ago tonight that shooting took place and already charges are filed. >> i think that was pretty
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quick to return charges. i'm zooming the district attorney warranted to get this out there. they had compelling videotape. that was deciding factor. >> why felony manslaughter in the first degree what does that mean. >> it means that she's not accused of intentional murder. she didn't wake up this morning thinking she wanted to kill someone but she did it that was unjustified and exposed her to significant penalty. >> it resulted in unreasonable actions which led to her shooting. they have to prove the prosecution that she acted unreasonablely in this case. >> she acted recklessly, unreasonablely, didn't react this a way an ordinary police officer with appropriate training should react. that video seems to support that. >> if you are her defense attorney, what do you do? it seems to me you need to see what her vantage point was what she was looking at. >> that will be one of the key issues in the case. we saw video but not from the same vantage point which
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officer now defendant was looking. it is not clear whether she could have seen for example that the window was up and he was reaching in he would the not have had the ability to reach in. and she was clear doing a walk around present this happened. is that the key point. >> i don't think it is not the key point. he was walking backward. he had his hand in the air. there was no gun or any weapon involve at that point. while it is a point i don't know fit is key point. >> officer said she was reaching or going in to a car for a gun and that is why she was afraid. >> is there a still photo of the window up on the driver side. >> again in the clear she could have seen that the window was up but there was no view of the gun. he could be reaching for keys or anything. that is not good movements from an officer perspective but still no additional gun. >> is that an open carry state. >> i don't know. >> interesting, i have not personally confirmed this but there is a report that officer shelby's husband was in the
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helicopter, for providing the shot that we have shown you, any number of times, this one right here. it seems to me that would be a person who would be called to the witt these stan. >> i have heard that as well. if that is true he is likely to be called if he captured that video which is what i heard. he might be defense witness and prosecution witness because he has to authenticate video as person who took it and establish vantage point of the video. her own husband might be a witness against her or some respect to her, we apologize for that piece of tape, we should edit that out after the shooting happen. rocco, good to see you. we will talk about the north carolina case too. 7:09. police are investigating an overnight deadly car crash, police say happened at front street and woodlawn avenue in florence township. one woman was pronounced dead, we will keep you posted as new details come in the news room.
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hillary clinton stayed off the campaign trail, first one, but she did appear in an on line video with comedian zach galfinakis, i love him. it looks like a kaine access show called between ferns. clinton's running mate tim kaine, made a campaign stop in nevada, saying relations between law enforcement and communities must improve. well, first lady michelle obama has scheduled to campaign for hillary clinton here in philadelphia next wednesday. big day for us. >> donald trump was back holding a public rally in chester township yesterday. former ncaa basketball coach bobby knight introduced trump as he came out to the rocky theme at sun center studios. trump questioned hillary clinton's stamina saying why she's taking so much time off the campaign trail this week. >> where is hillary today?
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i think you're right. they say she has been practicing for the debate. some people think she's slipping. >> it is a debate because first presidential debate is set for monday night. >> you know, on the campaign trail you get hungry and so does donald trump he wanted to feed his staff. which cheese stake place did he choose? listen. >> who want one, anybody? >> you can tell by over hang that is geno's. >> anyone want one. >> and, trump took a break from the campaign trail, right they got a cheese stake at geno's. >> sue, it is 7:11. no, not the convenient store but fox 29. >> we call that convenient time, when we say it because we think we're just so very
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clever. we want to prepare you first of all for sunday morning and then monday morning after that, because the temperatures we will have, morning, especially as we get up early and go out to church, 30 in the mountains. forty's this is northern and western suburbs. near 50 along i-95 corridor. forty's in south jersey, pine barons and 50's at the shore when you wake up on sunday morning. because of the cool change brought about by the cold front overnight. we could use rain but it doesn't look like this one will give us much, if any, and here come cloud tonight. you can see them moving through early tomorrow morning. cloudy by 11:00 o'clock but by the afternoon sunshine, cooler temperatures, moving in right after that cold front, moves through. so it really will feel different out there then it has past couple of days. the right now we're in the mid 60's in the city. fifty's to the north of news mount pocono, pottstown, lancaster. sixty-six in wildwood. 61 degrees in wilmington delaware.
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here is your seven day forecast up to 88 degrees today, nice and warm but too warm for this time of the year. we will get back to seasonal temperatures on saturday and then temperatures are below average, sunday with the chilly start and high of only 07 degrees. another chilly one on monday, and then we will get back in the mid 70's, pie tuesday and wednesday of next week, bob kelly. >> sound good, sue. 7:13. tgif. good morning. the crazy morning rush hour with accidents, here's where we have right now eastbound lanes woodhaven road, getting ready to open up the roadway, they had crash, heard from police, waiting to tow cars out of there but all eastbound traffic using comly road or the boulevard down to grant avenue, grabbing your coffee and keys right now you will be good to go for the time you get there another accident westbound on the schuylkill expressway, right at the roosevelt boulevard, that is causing delays for folks leaving town. here comes the sun we will hit some sun glare coming around
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that conshohocken curve any minute this weekend in doylestown they are shutting down route 313 and 202 later on today all the way through to tomorrow, so keep that in mind and then that emergency work along lincoln drive we are down to one lane between green and wayne, get ready for that through the weekend coming in for any events, going to the temple game tomorrow, eagles game on sunday give yourself some extra time. come on by market street a block party out front as we solute the troops, shut down between third and fourth and septa buses are detoured as well, mike and alex, back to you. jen is with the the veterans giving back to the community. >> it is a program called operation coach, lito is here as unofficial mascot, true. >> yes. >> one of the great ones is right there, an active member of the national guard mercedes kennedy but i want you to hear more about what they do there.
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>> put your shoes on. >> it is obvious, squash coach mercedes kennedy is cool, confident and ready for anything. >> how about open up your arms like this. >> reporter: but i bet you wouldn't guess that she's an active member of the national guard. this year she's in north philadelphia coaching a lenfest center as part of the operation coach, up to a train veterans and places them in year long assignments in under served, urban communities. >> just to be able to connect from the same place that i'm from. whether i'm an effective or not, just letting them see that i was past my neighborhood so they can do it too. >> reporter: kennedy will go through a free master's degree program at drexel university. amazing opportunities for her but she's more focused on the
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kids. >> both feet, both feet, let's go. >> i didn't think i was anything, and after i grew up i got all of this confidence from america. so when they talk about or when i listen to them not having as much self awareness as they should i try to enforce them, that you are this, you are that and it will grow in front of them. >> like staying in school, focus on their academics because, sports can help us reach that goal but if you have no grades, where will you go? college will not want you. >> this squash program is for kid as young as fifth grade, same program that she played in as a kid. kennedy is also trained to help these kids, deal with any trauma they might face. >> i cannot go out and fix all of the kids. nobody can. we take one kid at a time and everybody that we can reach. >> it is obviously an amazing program, and good morning, guys. >> good morning.
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>> and, we have learned a lot about what you are doing with the kid but what is this program doing for you. >> well, not only is it giving me a great education, but it is also allowing me to work with kids where i'm from. that is all i need in life. >> reporter: do you ever think being a member of the military, signing up to put yourself in harms way would benefit this, being a squash coach. >> no, not at all. >> reporter: why is it important to be involved with the veterans, military and people making a difference in our country. >> veterans are natural leaders, they are discipline. they work hard. they are naturally drawn to kids and amazing role models that we get to work with and they give so much to us, we can do it to support them as they serve as role model to the kids. >> reporter: if kids are watching and they want to do something to help what do you do. >> go to outdoor, we are a a natural organization that believes in the power of sports and we want to hear your stories. >> reporter: amazing.
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leo, you are awesome because you weren't afraid of bus stop buddy. look at the camera and say back to you. >> he has more to say than back to you. >> yes. >> twenty worth of materials here, stand up. >> he is still talking in yesterday people were asking me you jumped in the pool for end of summer, in northern liberties. i said, yes, i did in a full suit and tie. >> we saw it yesterday. >> you got to go, wow. >> yes. >> yes, the dive was pathetic. >> you went right in. >> so it was noisy, because people had champagne and they were having a party at 10:00 o'clock in the morning. so the coup was hop in the pool with 15 seconds left. it was so noisy, you didn't hear the coup.
7:19 am
she didn't even jump in. >> but i did jump in. >> i posted a picture of us in the pool on facebook. so i jumped in. people still don't think so. they thought it was photo shopped. you just got on the float you didn't get in the pool. for you daughters here's proof i made the jump and i got in the pool. >> the key. >> can you tell. >> i go the in that pool. >> what time is the salon appointment tomorrow. >> at 11:00. >> my hairdresser said what did you just do? >> i'm sorry, i know. >> it was 4 feet deep, you thought would hit your feet but everything splashed. >> we were in the pool, splashing around. next thing you know tire department is rushing us out of the pool. did we do something wrong? what is going on?
7:20 am
we saw you on tv and wanted to say hi. >> it was so much fun over there. >> it was fun. >> eventually this is us after more proof i did jump in the pool. >> mike it didn't even look like i was wet. >> she jumped all the way in. >> you look great. >> yeah. >> shrinkage. >> i'm talking about my suit, wool suit, i smell like a wet dog and my pants are shrinking. >> was it worth it. >> yes. >> thank you for monarch philly for having that pool party for us. >> i have a signed e-mail account with yahoo, i have it for about 20 years, did you hear this, pass words stolen half million people affected this. >> half a billion. >> wow. >> we will tell you what you need to know. send us your pictures, soluting the military this morning. this is my dad in the navy during korean war. he is 86. still in good shape. >> and, philip price says i
7:21 am
flew my family and armed solve zest two cousins and a uncle. >> thank you for your service. amy send us another one, no, this is same one. >> yes. >> so nice we have to to it twice. >> that is right. >> he looks so nice we did it twice.
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i can hear the band. they are good. no stranger. we will use them every year. >> they are friend of the show. >> yeah. >> yes. >> yes. >> ♪ >> i will shake my buns to the
7:25 am
ground tonight. >> do it right now. come out to fourth and market and join us, we are having a party. >> shake that body down to the ground. >> the dogs are even here. >> wow. >> you know what he just how old. >> what? >> yahoo. >> but we're saying wow, that is not good. >> yahoo. >> so you might be one of the 500 million people with the yahoo account, yes, my parents have one. >> sure. you have one. >> i have had one since 95. >> your personal information may be at risk because thieves hacked into yahoo data center stealing names, birth dates and answers to the security questions that you use to verify your identity. >> so they have your identity. cyber security attorney lisa gav. ver. >> i saw you yesterday. >> this is a big one. >> biggest in history. >> one of the biggest breach necessary history. >> half billion people. >> yes. >> they even got pass words. >> they have a lot of scary
7:26 am
private information. they allegedly got names, e-mail addresses, pass word which were encrypted so hopefully they cannot be utilized but they got your security questions, answers to security questions, phone number, your address. >> they know my mother's maiden name. >> my dog's name. >> wait a minute i know your dog's name a lot of people know it. >> but part of the problem is a lot of people reuse security questions and answers for other accounts whether it is another e-mail account or a bank account and this is part of the problem. so we wouldn't know if this has affected other accounts. >> when it comes to this why are they only telling some people to change their pass word. if this happen to a billion people i just want to change my pass word. >> they have alerted most of the people affected but they might not know everybody who was affected. so either your pass word was reset and they are telling to you disable your security questions. >> okay. >> or they will tell to you do it to be on the safe side because it is a good idea.
7:27 am
>> could this crush this company. >> this could certainly crush this company. it occurs at a time when they are in negotiations to sell for verizon for $5 billion. this is a really large point in history for them. >> it occurs at a time. it happened two years ago. we are just finding out, about this breach. why did they wait so long to tell us that this happened. >> thinks unusually wrong for the uncovering of the data breach. usually it takes companies six months which in and of itself is scary when you think about if there is personally identifiable information involved. >> i know why they did it. they don't want to us know. >> they wanted to get this deal in the works. >> that is my guess. >> they may not have known and part of it may be the investigation that was going on when verizon was investigating the security of their company at the time they are thinking of negotiating a buy. but they may not have known until a couple of months ago when they saw on the dark net about 200 million yahoo credentials were up for sale. >> up for sale.
7:28 am
>> yes. >> good to see you. >> thanks for that info. >> change your pass word every three months. >> i already said lets get this. >> change your pass word right now but don't turn off the tv. next chapter in the battle of the pennsylvania teams, battle of pennsylvania, it is happening at the link 4:15 sunday afternoon, steelers/eagles. what are three things they will to have do to beat a very good steelers team. send us your pictures here are some more, this is from barbara, she's outside right now, at fourth and market. having a great time, and is that from last year.
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dot to love the crab fries. we will head out there soon. we have a special gift from the sixers here. look at this, beautiful cake from tiffany's bakery and it says, training facility grand opening. wonderful. so joel embiid will be practicing there along with ben simmons. we will get ready for this season. >> yes. >> we're having internet issues. >> yes. >> it will be up soon.
7:32 am
>> soon. >> we will celebrate with some cake. >> yes. >> but sue is outside right now. >> you know what, you can see me every day, you all want to be on tv, and now you are on tv right now. >> hi. >> we're having a good time, can you tell? >> yeah, because weather is good, that is part of it, so lets take a look at what bus stop buddy is wearing today, he has got short sleeve shirts on and you know what, of course, we will take a look at the number of the day. >> we are having a technical issue. nine out of ten. buddy wearing his eagles cap. don't forget shade, sunnies really bright out here. we have a current temperature of 64 degrees, 5-mile an hour wind, out of the west northwest. 88 degrees is our high and will get cool tonight, and wait until you see how chilly
7:33 am
it will get over the weekend. also in back have of all of these people you you can come out and see what the delaware county veterans memorial looked like and meet honoraries from the freedom festival happening in in in the 9:00 o'clock hour. plenty of time to come on down, and do all that, plus all of these fun folks who want to be on tv. do you know who else wants to be on tv? bob kelly. >> yes, i will come out with you, sue in a couple minutes and join the party. i got dunkin' donuts, pretzels, crab fries, everything out front there. come on by coming into center city, and, bring them into town as you stop by to solute the military. live look at 422, sun glare bouncing off trees, an accident at first avenue, in problems yet on the bennie as you roll up and over into downtown philadelphia. all coming from new jersey, no problems here on the freeway, friday morning, usually lighter then other four days. we had a ton of accidents, we
7:34 am
got off to a bad start but everybody is taking a deep breath, grabbing coffee and calmed down here. woodhaven road reopened in northeast philadelphia, hello to doylestown, where through the weekend today and tomorrow they will be closing 313 right at route 202 for a construction project. then that emergency work continues on the lincoln drive only one lane, coming southbound between green and wayne. alex, back over to you. thanks, bob 7:34. department of home land security was created in the wake of 9/11. that was 15 years ago. there were work continuing but not everything they do is seen by name eye but they are outside of the studios right now with mike. >> that is biggest vehicle i have ever seen at solute the military day. it is huge. we will go into that big truck in a second. who are you. >> dawn. >> thanks for coming out. >> who are you. >> jean dobson. >> where are you from. >> cherry hill. >> okay. so who is this.
7:35 am
>> this is my son christian. >> where is he serving. >> he is may reen. we cannot say where he is but he is deployed. >> you have a marine in your life. >> he is deployed as well, his name is benjamin. >> is that your son. >> yes. >> great look. can you do a two shot. i said that is the same guy? it is not. >> no. >> they are friends. >> yes. >> they are so close they start to look like each other. >> what is the difference, that is the same dude. >> they all have that deer in the head lights look. >> they take after their mom. >> yeah. >> tell them thank you for your service. >> thank you. >> let me push you out of the way, well, no the push you about ask you to move. look at the size of to this vehicle. home land security mark jolly is the the inspector. are you mark. >> yes, i am tell strangers to knock it down a little bit, tell strangers to knock it down we cannot hear.
7:36 am
>> thinks the mobile command vehicle, i represent the federal protective service which falls under the department of home land security. mention of the federal protective service is protection of federal facilities nationwide and government employees, visitors within. >> we had a terrorism expert on the the other day that one of the best tools, well, we have gone inside now, so tell me what we are looking at inside. >> this is mobile command vehicle and it even happenses our radio operations on different details, that we're asked to provide security at. you are right now looking at chuck, our contractor, a veteran himself, u.s. marine veteran. we have computer systems inside. >> this can roll up anywhere. >> anywhere. >> it comes out of washington d.c. we have a monitor in the back where we can tap into local -- >> we're fighting the sun here. >> we are, we are. >> we had a military expert on the other day.
7:37 am
>> yes, sir. >> he said one of the best tools you have are the dogs. >> they are, explosive detection k-9 eras set we have with our mission. >> don't show your button tv, turn his face around. >> we have gone to the german short haired pointer they are very docile. we have other k-9 a's that go in concert they are looking for personnel born explosives and they let them on the leash and they will not bite a citizen. >> you normally see german shepherds. >> what is that. >> a lab. >> a lab. >> yes, sir. >> but now a pointer. >> german short haired pointers last year or so department of home land security has been going toward those k-9's. >> now we have an event like this we have actually swept market street from third to fourth with the dogs. >> yes, sir. >> what are you looking for. >> any kind of anything suspicious, out of the ordinary. >> bombs. >> exactly. >> improvised explosive devices, yes, certainly. >> thank you yes, sir.
7:38 am
>> we appreciate it. >> hey alex, how about that, look at this, it is huge. >> it does look huge. i will be out there in a little bit. thanks, mike. next chapter in the battle of pennsylvania it happens at the linc on sunday. lets find out how eagles are planning to stop the steelers, we have some big events, antonio brown it will be interesting.
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7:41 am
welcome back everybody. our favorite take of the year fox 29 soluting the military. we could not do it without our sponsors. next to me is folks from parx casino ron davis. thanks so much for being part of it. you have a lot of things going on to help veterans. >> yes, good morning, we have jena and samantha from parx casino to thank veterans. we have programs, that we do every year, programs on monday, it is called tour of honor, and we're taking 200 veterans from world war two down to washington and bringing them back and having fun. then we have a group called solutes the business where we're helping veterans who
7:42 am
want to go into business and we have done a honor chair where we have taken a pow chair and honored that chair in a race track. so we are quite honored to be able to to that because they have given so much. >> we are honored to have you as part of our sponsors. thanks so much for coming down. of course, we are talking about the veterans. here with me is debbie from the veterans multi service center. you offer services to the veterans. >> absolutely we do. comprehensive services, anything from housing placement, job training, job placement, as well as benefits and entitlements. >> how tough is it to see on the front line when these guys come back from war maybe not immediately when they come back but maybe a little further down the line maybe a year or two after they come back. >> for sure a lot of veterans, need help with reintegration and that is why veterans multi service center exist to support them. >> thanks so much for being a sponsor. we are soluting the military
7:43 am
today. keep those pictures coming. just post them up on facebook, twitter, instagram and use that #fox 29 good day we will be live out front of our studios on market street more to come when we come right back. approve this message.
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i'd look her right in that fat ugly face of hers. she's a slob. she ate like a pig. a person who's flat chested is very hard to be a 10. does she have a good body? no. does she have a fat [expletive]? absolutely. do you treat women with respect? i can't say that either.
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we have veterans, folks coming to work, we have really cool vehicles of every branch of service. , both bet that the navy is using. we are looking at the marines right there. it is fourth and market. we will be out here all morning long. as we solute men and women who allowed to us do this each and every day. and, lets do some traffic, heading out the front door, grab your and, a live look at 422, right there, by the
7:47 am
valley forge, at king of prussia heading east and westbound, light volume this morning. that is typical. we will be dealing with some sun glare, you can see here ben franklin bridge looking good working your way in to downtown. forty-two freeway looking good. coming in toward philadelphia. so keep in mind later on today it is irish weekend down in wildwood. ready, lets go. only irish can have a weekend that start on sunday but they will be heading down there in north wildwood later on. fifty minute delays on the norristown high speed line this morning and some good news, woodhaven, road, reopened, at that earlier accident. we have had a number of accidents this morning but what is good is that everything is cleared out of the way. i hope we can get ready for the weekend. a lot of outdoor events this weekend. how is that forecast looking? sue has tonight 152nd.
7:48 am
sun glare out there this morning but it is a nice day thanks to high pressure in control. that is where we're watching a cold front coming through tonight, very late tonight into early tomorrow morning but just cloud, expected with it. the big difference it is not precipitation but it is the way it feels over the weekend. we will go from the upper 80's today, temperatures plunging in the mid 70's tomorrow and then, by sunday, it is only around 70 degrees, still pretty cool on monday and tuesday of next week but it will feel more like the season it is, which is autumn, of course. plenty of room, for right now and throughout rest of the day but as we look at our future cast you can see clouds rolling in later on tonight and it will stay kind of cloudy, as we look into early saturday morning, clouds finally sink southward that we will start to get chilly. lets do numbers in the seven day forecast, 88 today, 76
7:49 am
tomorrow for the temple day, temple verse charlotte tomorrow and then 07 degrees on sunday eagles verse steelers and then stays in the 70's through the middle of next week but i think mike and alex that we did okay with the weather to take, don't agree. >> we did more than okay. >> let's hope eagles score on sunday at the link 4:15 game. hey young man, come here, look at the this guy, he supports vets but looks like you are an eagles fan too. >> can they beat steelers. >> yes. >> what is your name. >> gavin scherzer and where are you from. >> seriously where are you from. >> burlington. >> are you sure. >> yes. >> good luck. >> look at this, dave spadaro and cheerleaders up front. >> yes. >> get the up in here. >> so i see three keys to this game. eagles insider. >> all right. >> we have to play good defense. >> absolutely. >> and you know, key is, ben
7:50 am
roethlisberger, you have to income him down. >> you have to knock him down a lot. >> so they played well for two games but this test because pittsburgh offense is so complete. they run the ball well, they have leading rusher in the league, eagles have to be great on defense. >> who is that leading rusher. >> we have been beating them. >> yes. >> they have not won in philadelphia for over 50 years. >> yes. >> they are eight and zero. >> it is a tradition to lose. >> every four years we play steelers and we beat them in philadelphia. >> i'm worried about antonio brown. >> you really cannot stop him. last week bengals put bracket coverage. one in the back and one in front and stopped him but then steelers ran the ball and threw elsewhere, they have coaches, and an tone yes brown will catch a lot of passes, alex. he just can't catch them over the top. >> eagles gave up three big plays all three plays have led to points. that has been a problem for
7:51 am
defense. otherwise defense has been outstanding. >> are you telling me, we have to score. >> when you think about it, rookie cornerback might have to be outstanding. >> carson wentz needs to play his face off. >> protect himself too because of the way he gets hit he can't keep doing that. >> he is a big, young, strong kid who thinks that be in can hurt him but these are big boys in the nfl. when you near sidelines where end are get out of the bounds but otherwise he has been so great no turnovers. the whole team believes in him. i think he a has infused life into this team and everybody has pick up their game around carson wentz. when somebody special you know it. haven't knows carson wentz is special. >> he has infused enthusiasm throughout the city injury updates zach ertz. >> out. >> had about michael kendricks. >> broken nose, playing. >> he will play with the broken nose. >> yes, tough guy he has a face mask what is the problem. >> if i had a broken nose i
7:52 am
wouldn't even show up to work. >> you are not the here to smash peoples faces in you are here to look good and talk well. >> michael kendrick will still be handsome on sunday. >> little puffy in the nose, little disfigure. >> what about leodis. >> he will be tough to play. but jaylen mills played well, machine night rookie from lsu. give him another shot. >> prediction i know you are not supposed to do that. >> if the eagles play a really almost perfect game, 23-21 victory. they have not turn the ball over, they need to be that kind of performance. steelers are a legitimate super bowl team. we will find out how good they are on sunday. >> that is really close. >> keep that nose clean, okay. >> yes. >> no head butts. >> my mom used to say keep your nose clean, mike. >> you say eagles. >> yes. >> if they play a perfect, perfect game.
7:53 am
>> enjoy it, yes. >> carson has nod turnovers. >> no turns over, knows exactly what pittsburgh will do to him. >> that is the the mark of a franchise quarterback. >> i noticed a magazine that concentrates on pro football. >> football focus. >> right now he is number one rated quarterback in the league. >> number one rated quarterback, most jersey sales, no city in the country, loves their quarterback right the now you more than philadelphia loves carson wentz. when he gets interest tuesdayed on sunday you will feel it on the streets of philadelphia from north philadelphia to south philadelphia. >> i like this, i like this. very excited. it makes me nervous. >> why are you nervous. >> only two games. >> you think too good to be true. >> exactly. >> you could not have have said it anything better. >> it is philly. >> you have a franchise quarterback here enjoy it. he is the stud of studs. >> i noticed that the ticket rises are going up too not the that i use a scalp error broker. >> this ticket is as hard as any ticket i can remember for
7:54 am
last seven or eight years. >> okay. >> are you an eagles fan. >> yes. >> absolutely. >> e-a-g-l-e-s eagles. >> hey, philly. >> hey philly. >> yes. >> i will say 21-13. >> twenty-one-13. >> what with you. >> twenty-one... >> this isn't the price is right. >> hi. >> how are you doing. >> what do we have here. >> this is my dad, this was taken in 1918 when he was 18. >> kids, who are you here supporting. >> look at this, winslow township middle school solutes the military. >> young lady, thanks for coming out. >> we also have swoop out here. >> thank you swoop. >> we will see you on sunday.
7:55 am
>> come on, lets show some excitement. >> yes. >> eagles. >> yeah.
7:56 am
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
let's get into our 8:00 o'clock hour. hi alex. >> this is one of our biggest days out here on fourth and market. we have a great crowd out here and we are ready to honor men and with men who serve. >> let's list men to the air force for a second, here. let's listen. >> are they marching. >> my brother thomas who i talk about all the time was a lt. col. in the air force and some folks behind us right now are about to join the air
8:00 am
force. >> right here at fourth and market. >> this is a swearing in. the lets come over here. this is a special moment. >> hello. >> good to see you. >> all right. >> look, who are you. >> i'm lt. col. george peasant the third. >> what are we about to do good we are about to do a delayed enlistment program swearing. >> how many people. >> we have 11 folks here today. >> so what happens after this ceremony. where are they off to. >> okay, mess of them will go back to their delayed program with the recruiter but we have some follow thanks will ship out in the next few weeks. >> ship out where. >> basic training in lackland air force base. >> we're ready. >> okay. >> raise your right-hand and repeat after me.
8:01 am
i, state your name, do solemn ly swear or affirm, that i will support and defend the constitution of the united states of america against all enemies, foreign and domestic, that i will bear true faith and allegiance to the same. and that i willow bay the order of the president of the united states and obey the order of the officers appointed over me. according to regulations, and uniform code of military justice. so help me god. congratulations. thank you. >> hey, are y'all from philly.
8:02 am
name and where you are from. >> north philadelphia. >> philadelphia. >> who are you. >> i'm sherry. >> danny romero from bensalem. >> bensalem in the group. >> unaudible. >> rounding it out. >> shay thomas from bensalem. >> thank you so much. >> congratulations to all of you. >> we thank you. >> who is going to fly, who wants to fly. in of you, okay, fine. congratulations, off to the air force now. we are off to sue serio. >> that ceremony gave me chills just listening to it here. i'm at the other even of market street the block we block off. i'm closer to fourth street. if you signed a release and brave enough you can climb this rock wall. we have beautiful weather for that this morning. the lets take a look at the nine out of zero in the weather by the numbers abe it
8:03 am
was going to be a ten but it will be kind of hot today. it is september 23rd, after all so bus stop buddy is definitely needing the shade because it is sobriety out here this morning. temperatures are still in the 50's and 60's and we're heading to a high of 88 degrees today, back town in the 60's tonight, and the weather that you got used to over the last couple of weeks, and find sweaters for weekend that forecast is coming right up. bob kelly, are you brave enough. >> i'll give it a try, i'll give it a try. 8:03. another accident here on the schuylkill westbound right at the blue route 476, it the is just north of the blue route overpass. so anybody leaving conshohocken heading out to king of prussia, look out we have delays there off to the right shoulder. northeast philadelphia coming into downtown southbound heavy from cot the man in through girard. i have to say hi to minority catholic graduates alumni out front there, all different members of the service out
8:04 am
there with us from the army and air force. a live look at 295 as we head south into the freeway, some sun glare as we head through construction zone and 15 minute delays this morning on the norristown high speed line, mike and alex, back to you. >> 8:04. >> oklahoma officer charged with manslaughter has surrendered to authorities and is now released on $50,000.01. officers betty shelby is facing first degree manslaughter charges, this is mug shot here. the prosecutors say quote that she reacted unreasonablely during a traffic stop. video of the incident shows terence croucher walking away from officers with his arms in the air, when he was shot. >> video of the police shooting that killed a man in charlotte north carolina will not be made public as of yet despite that decision by city leaders protesters stayed relative liz peaceful overnight the for a third night of demonstration. this time, a midnight curfew installed by the mayor at
8:05 am
midnight, and, of course, the national guard is on duty there. >> you're talking about the keith lemont scott case and jenny joyce, the family has seen the video. >> good morning, mike and alex. the attorney representing scott's family and police agree on one thing at least, the video from tuesday's fatal shooting is very hard to make out and can this is support any definitive conclusions, about what scott was holding on to when he was shot. >> none of of us are free until all of us are free. >> for a third straight night protesters took to the streets of charlotte this time they were peaceful to ensure a calm night, members of the national guard armed with rifles patrolled alongside the local police departments. also new a midnight curfew and police agree not to arrest anyone for break ago this curfew as long as they remained peaceful. despite several calls to release the tape, police kerr
8:06 am
putany said that won't happen unless there is compelling reasons to do so. his family arguing the man was carrying a book and not at the gun but both sides are saying it is hard to tell by looking at that video. >> you cannot see what is in that hand. as i said before, you cannot see him making a gesture like pointing the gun which would be much more definitive but the officer proceeded based on everything that we have said his failure to comply with command, failure to drop the weapon and him turning to face officers is a imminent threat and that is why caused everything else to transpire. >> the investigation in the four three-year old's death is continuing to develop. his family and many supporters in charlotte are continuing to push for answers. it is a story we will stay on top of, mike and alex. >> thank you for that. >> that protester thaw just talk about, again, people are still not sure how he died,
8:07 am
right? we have lost jenny. protesters are saying no it wasn't a protester that shot him, it was police officers, police officers in charlotte, north carolina say no, we did not do it. that is another investigation they will have to have take place. do you use yahoo. >> listen to this, company supporting what could be one of the biggest data breach necessary history. yesterday yahoo announced hackers stole information belong to go at least half billion account holders. largest single breach in history. tech experts are warning the breach could affect your user e-mail. yahoo is encouraging people to change their security questions, monitor their accounts, and activity and being on the look out for e-mails asking for your own personal information. okay. lets try to squeeze in hollywood news too which is not as important as is what going on outside but it is trending so if it is trending we want to talk about it. new details about why angelina jolie filed for divorce for her husband of two years, brad
8:08 am
pitt they have been together for 12. >> according to tmz pit lung when he tried to verbally defend his mother this happened on the flight home from france. l.a. county department of children and family services is investigating this case. >> in a private jet, right, from france, back to l.a. >> remember when angelina jolie released that statement to that she filed for divorce she did this for the health of her family. so that is what people are saying may have led to this. something going on with the kids and treatment of the kids. >> so supposedly, l.a.'s child protective services is checking in to this. >> okay. >> lets get back outside to more important topics with lauren. >> hello, mike. we're talking about honor. with 2004 world war two memorial opened up in d.c. physician's assistant who has been caring for veterans said i want veterans i care for to go to the memorial. that is beyond our place is born. >> first year we took two veterans down in a private
8:09 am
airplane. since then we have taken 160,000 world war two vets around the country at no cost to the veteran. >> we forgot to mention he was also a private pilot. >> yes. >> so he took it, week later some within else late. they are crying. they are so excited. he said we have to do more of this. >> he absolutely did and in 2005 he took 138 veterans. last year we took 24,000. >> was it 2008, let us join forces. >> that is exactly what happened. >> now, southwest is official carrier but dominant carrier for honor flight. >> rich, show me this year is historic for what reason. >> we are having our first all vietnam trip saturday october 1st, out of sugar house casino. i'm real thrilled about this one. i'm a vietnam vet. for the first time we will have five buses of all vietnam veterans, going to washington d.c. to see the memorial. it is a awesome day. we hope to have a lot of
8:10 am
people coming out to sugar house and welcome us home around 5:30 in the evening when the buses pull up on delaware avenue. >> thank you for the information and thank you for your service. >> thank you. >> mike and alex, back to you. >> always a great trip down to d.c. for sure. annmarie loved her job but retired to take care of her husband a disabled veteran, what is being done now to help ann marie and hidden heroes, just like her. keep the picks coming.
8:11 am
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8:14 am
>> ♪ >> can't have a party without music. so, we have great music going on not to hemmings great food, the great people. hello everybody. you are on tv now. of course, perfect weather. it is a wonderful morning. we're happen bye this. we're glad it is not temperatures we will have on sunday morning but we wanted to show thaw first because it will be in the 30's in the mountains. in the 40's in the morning on sunday, and then in the northern and western suburbs, and then right around 50's, it will be even chilly here in the city. so just wanted you to be prepared about that before we get to the weekend. we are looking at radar right now with no clouds at all, and satellite picture, so, lets check the temperatures walking out the door right now we have 56 degrees in philadelphia. it has reached 60 in the
8:15 am
mountains and we are close to 70 down at the jersey shore. that is what it is like right now, very comfortable. you will get hot later today. the high temperature, 88 degrees a tomorrow more than 10 degrees colder. and then, very chilly on sunday morning. we will get back in the 70's by the middle will of next week. having a good time today everybody. >> yeah. >> everybody is well fed federal and they are all smiling, so that is a good thing. the lets hope you have good things for us, bob kelly, in traffic. >> i wish we had pretzels, crab fries and crab fries outside every morning. here's a live look at the westbound schuylkill express waste just north, above the blue route here, accident off to the shoulder. that is causing delays for everybody heading out through conshohocken, northeast philadelphia, southbound i-95 slow go into girard avenue. hello, cherry hill light turns green and off we go. route 70. a lot of sun glare right around that dashboard level right now too and emergency road work on the lincoln drive
8:16 am
we're down to one lane between green and wayne that is with us for another week and a half or so and for gang in doylestown this weekend, heads up we are closing route 313 at route 202 all the way through to tomorrow and norristown high speed line running with 15 minute delays. mike and alex, back to you. there are millions of disable veterans in the u.s. and many great charities that are devoted to helping them but very littal tension has been paid to the family members of the wounded warriors who sacrifice everything to be full-time caretakers. >> okay. >> gary is a 35 year army veteran, reservists who went active duty after 9/11. but while training troops at fort dix the weapons expert suffered significant injuries and wound up unable to care for himself. >> had a perfect pt score his whole military career, very active himself and then all of a sudden he was sitting home
8:17 am
in pain physically and then emotionally, psychologically he was hurting. >> reporter: gary's wife ann marie was a catholic high school teach are for 25 years. she loved her job but retired help she realized his well-being was at stake. >> i would come home and he was very, very depressed. i saw that gradually increasing. >> reporter: robert scott worked this finance at the world trade center but over slept on 9/11. he lost 15 of his friend that day and decided to enlist in the army. >> i had a job, i had a career but then times changed and red, white and blue was calling my name. >> reporter: in a tank in iraq in 2009, robert suffered a deep vein thrombosis which led to deep brain injury. he had been in therapy ever since. robert's mom made his health her mission. >> it is to make sure that robert is okay. i'm secondary. my husband is secondary.
8:18 am
>> reporter: there are an estimated five and a half million caregivers nationwide struggling every single day to care for our wounded warriors and veterans and it takes a toll. >> these caregivers are now suffering from physical ailments, anxiety, depression, suicide. >> reporter: they are trying to generate help for these hidden heroes giving them resources and attention they need to be strong for their loved ones. >> someone company come in and be a friend, let them get out of the house, get their hair done, do grocery shopping, take the kids to the movie. >> very good. >> it is life changing, i got to say. i was this a dire situation. >> reporter: gary says his wife deserves all of the help that she can get. >> amazing to think about. we honor our veterans and they should be honored but when they come home we don't think about who is taking care of them day in and out in their home and how much devotion it takes. >> god bless her, god bless this organization.
8:19 am
>> so we are certainly thinking of our hidden heroes. >> all right. that is why we're doing what we do every year, solute the military, and their caregivers. one way to do that we shut down market street. >> yes, bob kelly can say he's with the band. >> we have a jammo, good shut down on market street today. i'm with the band strangers. dennie you are a vietnam vet. >> correct, yes. >> tell us about the years you served. >> i was there in 1969, 1907 with the 101st airborne. >> all of your rip cord vets out there. >> you had been the past couple years we loved music. you get everybody fired up. you have a couple of good tunes lined up here. >> we have a whole list of stuff to play. we are all about dancing and trying to get people out here. it is hard on the blacktop but we are doing our best. >> it is friday, those old dogs would be good to go by monday. are you ready to hear some tunes. ready to fire it up. come on, debbie, let's do it. the strangers, live on market
8:20 am
street as we solute the military, fox 29 style. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ the. >> ♪ >> ♪
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
we have a very special show, big event, block party outside fourth and market, this is a special day we are soluting the military and it takes people to come together to put on such a great event, we have been doing it for eight years now but we are very excited when our friend at wmmr offered to help join them. you are outside with kathy romano present preston and steve. >> yes. >> thank you for helping us out. >> thanks for having me. >> this is my first year here. this is amazing, i love it. >> it is jammed packed out here. wmmr rocks. >> yes, mmr does rock thank you no bigger radio show in philadelphia, wouldn't you say. >> i would say that is accurate, we're proud to have you with us. >> yes. >> do you have any members of your family in the military. >> well, former, my father in law is a vietnam vet, double amputee, he lost both of his legs this 1969, he was 18 years old and another marine stepped on a land mine.
8:25 am
>> my god. you married his son. >> yes. >> how is that going. >> wonderful. >> so is what your job today with wmmr. >> we are hanging out having a great time talking to whoever happens to walk by our tent, and yeah, i'm really enjoying talking to everybody. i love everything that is lined up here on market street, all of the informational tents, we have talk to doctor mike about ptsd. i'm happy to be out here. >> twenty-two of our vets commit suicide every day good that is what i talk to him. that is unbelievable. >> we have to raise awareness about that. >> is what your job. are you still doing traffic. >> i think i need to go on the air. >> preston and steve are to go their regular broadcast and you have your whole set up here. >> your heat sets, your microphone and how do you know what the traffic is because you are on market street. >> but i have my traffic site right here. >> i was trying to get bob kill toy come do traffic for me. >> he wouldn't do it.
8:26 am
>> he ran away he got nervous. >> do men runaway from you often. >> usually they run to me mike. >> because you are beautiful, smart, wonderful women. >> how will this work. >> can you hear them. >> they are playing a song. >> what are they playing. >> under pressure. >> yes. >> there he is. >> are you ready. >> we have the same site. >> when they throw to you it will be bob kelly. >> it will freak them out. you traffic people ever hang out together. >> bob and i know each other we don't hang out. >> but you know each other but you don't hang out. >> mike is always up to something. always. >> still waiting for preston and steve. >> they are still in song. >> they are still in song.
8:27 am
>> are they coming to you right now. >> i one fur kathy will put on his best kathy romano voice. >> my voice is deeper this morning, the westbound schuylkill expressway is jammo as bob kelly would say, from your conshohocken curve out toward the blue route and then a little sun glare coming ease bound. >> so we cannot hear preston and steve so we will send it back to you. >> i can only imagine their reaction, pretty funny, good one bob. lets take a look at pictures you have been send nothing because we want you to keep them coming. this is a great one fox 29 solutes that is right, a #you should be using. here's another one from wand a you feel free to tweet them and tell us person of the loved one, your family member so we can give them a shout out. my husband, my hero, my pride, in the air force thanks for sending that out. please keep sending them use that #fox 29 solutes. then we are going to check in with jen because she's with
8:28 am
the golden knights in william town new jersey at cross keys airport. >> it is not just golden knights i'm with my favorite under secretary of all time, they is, ready to go. you know you are with the big shot not just one go pro but two come on back we will tell what you we are doing here and thanks for your service, every day but mostly today. when it comes to risking social security on the stock market... pat toomey wrote the book. "i'm...i've got a whole chapter in my book where i... specifically lay out how i think we should... reform social security." toomey's plan requires wall street and bankers to manage... the accounts. collecting fees out of your social security that could... total billions. fees they collect, even if the market crashes and... seniors lose everything. pat toomey's looking out for wall street, not pennsylvania. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising.
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:31 am
philadelphia's finest are recruiting, recruiting drive is underway, philadelphia police department, many of them veterans themselves out here long market street as we are soluting the military, all morning long, come on by on your way to work, bring the kids on by, market street between third and fourth all the way up to 10:00 o'clock. we have every branch of the service represented out there this morning. it is great, some of the grandparent are out there with
8:32 am
their sons, grand kids, again soluting the military as we do each and every year at fox 29. good morning everybody. live look at the schuykill expressway just clearing that accident near 476 we are dealing with delays on i-95, we had a rough start getting out of the gate this morning but things have calmed down a little bit, live look here at route 70 where the sunnies right at that dashboard level so look out with some sun glare, minor delays over the benny and 15 minute delays on the norristown high speed line a lot of outdoor events, is sun going to hang around? sue has the answer in 15 seconds. i have my own pen about the weather but lets get the opinion of those who showed up. what do you think how do you like the weather. >> beautiful.
8:33 am
>> we love the weather. >> get those pictures up because we cannot look at them enough. that might be my favorite part of to daze where we get to see all of the people because one thing to say thank you for your service but this is what really makes it real out here where you see folks who serve in the different branches of the military and their relatives and loved ones. it is i will tell you you i cannot get through military day without crying at least once, right. >> yes. holding back some tears. >> the forecast is nothing to cry about so lets get to it. bus stop buddy is wearing his sunglasses today. it is very squinty out here i might add. we have got that and temperatures in the 50's and 60's but we have gone in the 60's, 66 degrees at philly international and heading to a high of 88 degrees, later on and that is a hot one really but tonight we're down in the mid 60's and cool change for the weekend, those details are coming up, what would you doing mike and alex. >> well...
8:34 am
>> i was just looking at a bunch of pictures sent to us of military members. >> a lot of people are. so great to see people are so proud of their family friend and loved ones. we are too. that is why we are doing this. here's another thing we are doing today which is special, golden knights, of course, united states army, official aerial parachute team. >> precision team. you think jumping from 13,000 feet the and hit a bull's eye. are we go to go do it. >> we learned about this earlier. he is out there with you. >> yes, with the challenge. >> yes, i have the under secretary with me good morning. >> good morning, jennaphr. >> we have the bull's eye. some gentlemen they want to under promise and over deliver because they are worried about your safety. you you are the under secretary after all. >> that is right, paratrooper with the eighty-second airborne division. >> will you try to jump on his head. >> i love mike but i have to give him a peoples elbow on the way down. >> you are in charge of safety. you are with the under
8:35 am
secretary what are your concerns in terms of the stepping on mike's face. >> well, we want to make sure we land as safely as possible. >> you are in full precision looking awesome. >> we want to land as safely as possible. we want to have a nice soft land ago this we can get. we will do our best to put it right there on his face but in the end i have to make a safety call we will land next to it and -- >> you are in the back so you are steering the ship. >> correct. >> he is in charge of the parachute. i look up, i see cloud cover, does that concern you at all. >> no, ma'am we look at weather, it is clear blue, perfect conditions, win conditions are great, we are looking forward to getting up to 13,500 feet. >> time line goes like this. you guys will go up at 9:05. >> that is correct. >> we have a commercial break a at 9:30. aviators are like 9:33 they will kick you out. >> we should land about
8:36 am
9:39ish. >> you are the guy that goes, right you have to take the first step. >> it is too easy. >> now you really want chef robert irrine to do this with you. >> that is right, we have colonel snider who is a philadelphia native, he is a good catholic school education here in philadelphia but these guys are the best of the best. i know chef irvine is a navy veteran. he could be on the navy varsity team which is united states army. >> you said because i have done ifly, i could probably do this at some point. >> no doubt if you had courage. >> to fake indoor sky diving. >> you can jump out with the best of the best right here. >> i can't wait to see you when you come down on his face. thank you for your service and sacrifices you and your family have hade. so, go get in your plane and go crazy. >> that works. >> we have to move the sign. we are under promising, hoping
8:37 am
to over deliver. >> we need to do it, you can jump on it right now. >> that is slippery. i'm trying to dirty it up. >> what is she doing above my left eye. >> that is her box. >> it is her if theb. >> i can tell you who made that replica, replica creative, they are over at 18th, basically, well, just off chestnut, they can blow up your face. >> that is huge. >> get this, a mug for a mug. >> if he london my mug, he gets this mug a "good day philadelphia" mug. what a reward. >> i think reward is more on your face. >> military trying out the a new weapon, to help our wounded warriors heel from the horrors of war. how making a mask, is breaking down barriers and saving
8:38 am
lives. >> lets look at more pictures of fox 29 solutes. >> is there dan ri coto and his son jack, a mid ship men whose name is jack as a matter of fact. >> wonderful picture. >> they look alike. >> thanks, jack, you too dan.
8:39 am
8:40 am
is that ice-t? nope, it's lemonade. is that ice-t? lemonade.
8:41 am
ice-t? what's with these people, man? lemonade, read the sign. lemonade. read it. ok. delicious. ice-t at a lemonade stand? surprising. what's not surprising? how much money marin saved by switching to geico. yo, ice-t! it's lemonade, man! fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. donald trump in philadelphia yesterday afternoon campaign stop near aston but he also stopped in south philadelphia at geno's and got a cheese stake for he, secret service and his campaign managers and all that. the chris wallace, do you have a go too place for a cheese stake? do they have cheese steaks in
8:42 am
d.c. >> well, i don't know if we do or not but i was, during, see if you can fix the echo in my ear but while we were in philly for the convention i went to geno's and pat's, and oh, boy i will upset a lot of people here. i like geno's, i have to say i thought geno's was good. >> a lot of people would agree with you. >> they are having their 50th anniversary in just a few days as a matter of fact. speaking of donald trump, mike pence is on your show sunday. >> that is right and very interestingly he will be at the big debate monday night. i can't remember that when a running mate showed up for a presidential debate. i suspect it is because they take you behind the scenes, and after the debate is over both sides, clinton campaign and trump campaign will come out top officials to say we wiped the other guy, you know, off the floor and we just
8:43 am
killed him. i suspect pence will be there spinning at the person on top of the ticket and plenty of clinton people to go the same from their candidates. >> i don't know if i have ever anticipated a political debate more than this one, have you. >> well, you know, always the one you you are about to have have is big but you clearly trump because he is so unconventional, because these reality star, you know, it is different. he is not a politician. he will not act like a politician. having said that talking to both side this week i think people who think this will be a food fight i don't think so. i think they will take jabs at each other but it will be much more contained and controlled and there will be much more about making the case for themselves and then taking a few jabs at the other but i don't think they will be taking out the iron fists and going after each other.
8:44 am
>> we will be watching sunday, thank you for that and we will be watching the monday debate. coming up on this program carrying a cinder block for strength and healing? what aim talking about. >> how one solder over came a terrible loss reclaims his peace of mind all while helping others do the same katie mcginty: franny, johnny, mikey, maureen, jimmy,
8:45 am
joey, ricky, eileen, me, and colleen... all 10 of us raised on a policeman's salary and a mom working as a restaurant hostess. imagine trying to do that today, with washington looking out for the favored few. i'll bring a different point of view to the u.s. senate - working class roots and the mother of three, i'll put middle class families ahead of wall street. i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message because it's your turn to get ahead.
8:47 am
this is robert moore junior. patty says charlie wagner united states navy, world war one, formally a boston red sox pitcher. >> look at that. >> that is a good one. >> when a war end or conflict overseas end the graphic images and sacrifice over and over in our mind about our veterans and stigma of ptsd and mental illness make it
8:48 am
difficult for our warriors to ask for the help that they need. >> fox 29's dave kinchen shows us how you one iraq and afghanistan solder reclaim his peace of mind while helping others do the same. >> you can say retired army staff sergeant earl grandville carried the world on his shoulders. >> never go alone. >> reporter: what started as improvised way to add to the challenge of obstacle races even running a 5k without putting the block down once evolved into so much more a symbol overcoming adversity like what followed have after a personal loss. >> for me i was dealing with guilt when my brother passed away. >> reporter: his twin brother was also in the serve is and staff sergeant grandville both signed up for tour in bosnia and iraq together in 2005. >> you can see leadership and making decisions, and leading people.
8:49 am
it really show you in the millville side by side who got promoted, all the time and it is just hoe was. he was very good at what he did. >> reporter: when he decided to go to afghanistan in 2008 his brother stayed home to take care of family. >> he told me don't go, don't go, i said see you later, i'm going. >> reporter: then his unit was hit with the roadside bomb that killed two of his friends instantly and took his leg. >> when i lost my leg he felt a lot of guilt as well, just started to headaching bad decisions i feel like. piling on to his guilt. maybe hurting ones he loved and then his family and then he took his own life. i feel like maybe there could have been something different he could have done for himself and ones he loved to help him to live a healthy and happy life again make different decisions that he was making. >> he too was making bad decisions and needed help
8:50 am
before ultimately deciding to be the change that he wanted. >> purpose passion is what i talk about. >> his passion became physical fitness. >> the drive my brother had in me when i lost high leg and i learn physically he became passion that it about. i will do this in honor of my brother. >> i can go to a bar and get tanked or run this half marathon for my brother or somebody i lost overseas. >> he they be became part of something training with fellow vets. >> in the military you you are part of something greater then yourself. it is not like that back home. might actually want to succeed. >> reporter: he even wears his message the back of his shirt when says sometimes i feel like giving up then i remember i have a lot of haters to prove wrong. he is also trying to break stigma have of ptsd and mental
8:51 am
illness by speaking to vets and civilians alike. >> we're looked at, i feel like some times you don't want to get help or talk about it and it is not the cool to talk about mental health. >> he continues to car that i message in the form of that heavy cinder block. >> what it represent is heavy mental hardship that we face in society, the heavy mental hardship that stops us from giving our best, heavyweight that stops us from enjoying life, the guilt we hold on to. >> reporter: in olde city, dave kinchen fox 29 news. >> boy, what a man. >> hype to heel. >> wow. >> amazing story nicely done. >> can patrick murphy jump from 13,000 feet and london my mug, to win this mug. let find out. >> is he go to go win a mug?
8:52 am
you didn't tell me you were going to win a mug mr. under secretary. i want to make sure it is safe for you. >> of course, safety first. >> can we get in there gorgeous u.s. government airplane soon. >> very soon. >> we will be right back. >> i would hate to disrespect this thing but yes. >> we will see you later. >> bye, guys approve this message.
8:53 am
i'd look her right in that fat ugly face of hers. she's a slob. she ate like a pig. a person who's flat chested is very hard to be a 10. does she have a good body? no. does she have a fat [expletive]? absolutely. do you treat women with respect? i can't say that either.
8:54 am
8:55 am
kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever.
8:56 am
it is a solute to the military out here with the bright sunshine today, these magnificent machines behind me and the magnificent men associated with it are from warriors watch. they say that we have your back and that is right. >> that is right. >> here at home. as they do wonderful, wonderful work, thanks guys for coming out. you are with us every year. you have our backs as well. we appreciate it. lets take another look at the seven day forecast. you are getting ready for chillier temperatures you love to pike in these temperatures, i know you do, once it is autumn and we have 88 degrees. hot one today but you by tomorrow you'll feel the difference. mid 70's during the day tomorrow only 70 degrees on sunday, and very chilly mornings on sunday and monday. we have got you ready for the weekend now and we will be back in just ate moment. >> ♪
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fox 29 solute to the military in fully affect now our final hour starts right now. >> it is time to come outside and have a great time. i don't know if you can tell but, they are playing our song, the strangers. >> what is that song. >> uptown funk will get you. >> yeah. >> okay. well, let's start with a little competition. we've got five branches of the service here. >> you will want to watch this. >> that is right. >> we will go around, because of the young people watching, a lot of families. >> let's knock down strangers a little bit because we want to start this competition this is 9:00 o'clock hour. if a young person is watching, young person watching this show, kill the strangers, i'd love it, thank you, which branch of the service should they join. let's start with the


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